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Cost Estimating for the Handyman Business  by RemodelMAX contains 128 pages of material costs and manhours for over 3000 items for small jobs.

  Every item has a description of the task to be performed, or in some cases the materials needed.  Many items have a material cost in the description column such as, 'Provide manual skylight at $450'.  Pick the appropriate cost item by determining the product your customer wants installed. It is important for you to make sure that you understand what your customer is expecting in quality and/or style on their project.  You will find some items that allow for charging time in 15 minute increments such as, 'Additional labor for difficult skylight opening (15 minute increments)'.  You will also find items that allow for charging of materials in $10 increments such as, 'Additional material costs for difficult skylight opening ($10 increments)'.  The duration of time and cost of material for these items need to be determined on-site, job by job, since they can vary depending on difficulty and site conditions.

You will also find man-hours which simply the amount of time allotted to complete the task.  On many items we have given multiple items for the same task with different quantity.  For example for hanging drywall we give you items with 32 SF, 100 SF, 200 SF, 300 SF and a cost per SF over 300 SF.  With tasks like this the greater the SF of the job the less it costs per SF.  So we give you more time per SF to hang 32 SF of drywall then if you were hanging 300 SF.

We have also included four Labor rate columns for the hourly rates of $35, $45, $55, $65.  If you charge one of these rates you can get your labor costs from one of these columns.  During our studies of Handyman Compensation we discovered that hourly rates run from $20 an hour to over $100 an hour and many handyman charge more for the first hour on-site.  If you use a rate not listed simply calculate the man-hours and multiply by your hourly rate.  Also some handyman build their mark-up into their hourly rates.  Others use a separate mark-up on the labor cost total.

Virtually everything a handyman has to estimate is included!


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